RES ARTIS. Sharing Cultures and Social Change C/O Berlin.
Today, in addition to the traditional artists residences, we are seeing an increase in independent art factories and multidisciplinary initiatives that use different models and structures for promoting the international mobility of artists and that provide the facilities and networks conducive for creative work in all artistic disciplines.
Northern Dimension Partnership on Culture.
The acceptance of registration will be prioritised to representatives from the above-mentioned regions but is not exclusive to those. The Netherlands embassy proudly supports this event and encourages organizations and individuals operating in the field of residencies that have a special interest in themes discussed to register for participation.:
ResArtis Office of Career Strategy Yale University.
Enter your keywords. You are here. Home / ResArtis / ResArtis. Type: Associations/Professional Organizations. Industry: Arts, Fine Visual Art, Literary Arts, Music Recording, Museums Arts Administration, Performance, Theatre. We are a network of over 550 centers, organisations, and individuals in over 70 countries.
New Res Artis website is live! Writers Retreats Greece.
They are the worldwide professional body for the field, ensuring sustainability and growth by providing capacity building tools for their members through face-to-face meetings and digital platforms. Besides that, they aim to support and connect residencies, engage and advocate the importance of residencies in todays society, and provide recommendations towards cultural mobility research and policy.
Exploring Sustainability Under the Midnight Sun Coming up Res Artis Meeting in Rovaniemi on 18th to 20th of June in 2018
And what is the social and economic impact of residencies? The event will take place in the remote but culturally dynamic and vibrant Arctic region at the height of the Midnight Sun, offering a topical location for the meetings focus on sustainability.
Reshaping cultural policies: a decade promoting the diversity of cultural UNESCO Google Livres.
The 10th anniversary of the UNESCO 2005 Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions provides its Parties and non governmental stakeholders with a significant opportunity to recall its origins, critically review the achievements and, on this basis, form an ambition for the implementation of the Convention for the next ten, twenty, even thirty years.
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Res Artis Recalibrated Institution Fellowship.
Fellowship is open to practitioners from anywhere working in contemporary art, design, architecture and related disciplines, as well as cultural managers, economists, coders and all those interested in innovative institutional models. Res Artis mission enable sustainability by providing tools for professional development.

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